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Embossing Seal

eTechnology is one of the largest Embossing seal industry in Ghana. We were founded in 2016 on the premise of offering professional yet affordable embossing seal and others, while providing fair commissions for our talented creators, artists and designers.

Today we are home to many both small and multi-business establishment from Ghana and beyond. We represent some of the most skilled crafted and artists, and support clients from small businesses to major television networks and governments. With so much many new consumers added each day, we’re always growing!

We’re proud to offer literally the most affordable creative designs and develop the best to all our clients and still make ourselves available, with no fine print or large minimum orders. Our pricing is straight-forward and very affordable.

We offer to the best satisfaction to all our clients and new consumers the options to choose from, to best fit your needs:

Desktop Embossing Seal
Address Embossing Stamp

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